12 Week Online Coaching Package

Are You Male aged 37-45?

Do you want to lose belly fat?

How about getting some definition in your chest & arms?

Would you like more energy?

This 12 Week Package will help you lose body fat (flatter stomach), let you take control of your eating (lose weight), and tone and firm your chest & arms. By using tried & tested fat loss workouts and some strength & conditioning principals, we really can begin to change the way you look in just 12 weeks.

You'll also have more energy and begin to look and feel great again. Remember how you looked and felt in your twenties!

In just 12 weeks, would you like to:
• Increase your fitness levels
• Turn soft muscles into firm ones
• Lose your love-handles
• Be confident enough to take your shirt off
• Feel & look awesome again

If YES to any (or all) of the above, please call TODAY for a FREE 10 minute chat about how I can help you.

My number is 0781 809 5619

Benefits of 12 Week Online Coaching Package

• Great results over the 12 weeks • Expert nutritional guidelines on when & what types of foods to eat • Weekly accountability calls to keep you laser-focused • Nutrition & exercise plans to follow • FREE access to the private VIP Facebook group


To discuss payment, get in touch or call me on 0781 809 5619

12 Month Training & Nutrition Package

This Really Is The Full Package

Let's be realistic here, are you really going to get the body you've dreamt of or the body you desire in 12, 16 or even 20 weeks?

If you have a large amount of weight to lose (over 2 stone) or a life-changing challenge that you want to conquer, you really should give it your best shot. Long term success comes in the form of long term commitment.

To arrange your FREE Fat Loss Strategy session, click the link

Benefits of 12 Month Training & Nutrition Package

* A full 12 month commitment shows you're serious about your goals * You'll get 2-3 personal training sessions PER WEEK (that's over 100 sessions over the 12 month's) * You'll have me on hand pretty much 24/7 to make sure you achieve the goals WE set * Your nutrition will be exactly where it needs to be to achieve your goals


To discuss payment, get in touch